The Aeropress was invented by Alan Adler, who also created the Aerobie Flying disc. It’s extremely durable, so it’s great for traveling. It brews a rich and hearty cup and has plenty of complexity.

Burr grinder
Aeropress filters
Aeropress stirrer
Scale w/ timer
Gooseneck kettle

Recipe: 15g coffee : 225g water
Grind: medium-fine
Time: 1:45

1. Place filter in filter-cap & rinse
2. Lock filter-cap onto Aeropress
3. Place press on mug atop scale
4. Add freshly ground coffee
5. Tare scale & start timer
6. Pour 225g water
7. At 0:45, stir three times
8. Take press & mug off scale
9. Place plunger in press
10. At 1:30, plunge slowly
11. Finish at 1:45
12. Stir & Enjoy! ♥

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