The Clever is a full-immersion brewer similar to the French press. The brew is thick and dense, but much cleaner since it employs a filter.

Burr grinder
Clever dripper w/ lid
Melitta #4 filters
Any old kettle
Scale w/ timer

Recipe: 24g coffee : 385g water
Grind: medium-coarse
Time: 3:00

1. Place brewer on scale 
2. Rinse filter & discard water
3. Evenly distribute ground coffee
4. Tare scale & start timer
5. Pour 385g water over coffee
6. At 0:35, dunk grinds w/ spoon
7. Cover the brewer w/ lid
8. At 2:30, place brewer on mug
9. Allow brew to drain fully

♥ Enjoy!

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