Cold Brew

Cold brew is a made by brewing a coffee concentrate with cold water, diluting and serving it over ice. Using cold water makes the brew smooth and sweet with little to no bitterness.

Burr grinder
Toddy System
Measuring cup 

Recipe: 12oz coffee : 7c Water
Grind: very coarse
Time: 18 hours

1. Place cork in outside of Toddy
2. Place filter inside of Toddy
3. Add 1c water to Toddy
4. Add 6oz of ground coffee
5. Do not stir grounds*
6. Slowly pour 3c water in spiral
7. Add 6oz ground coffee
8. Wait 5 minutes, add 3c water
9. Lightly dunk grounds w/ spoon
10. Steep concentrate for 18 hours 
11. Remove cork to drain brew 
12. Dilute concentrate to taste
13. Pour over ice & enjoy!

*Stirring will clog the filter

♥ Enjoy!

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