Iced Coffee

Flash iced coffee is a really nice way to brew cold coffee quickly. It’s super refreshing and clean, and maintains a lot of the nuances of hot brewed coffee, but it’s cold.

Burr grinder
6-8 cup Chemex
White Chemex filters
Scale w/ timer
Gooseneck kettle

Recipe: 40g coffee : 320g ice : 320 water
Grind: medium
Time: 3:00

1. Rinse filter & discard rinse water
2. Place Chemex on scale
3. Add 320g ice to bottom of Chemex
4. Place filter w/ 3 plies facing spout
5. Evenly distribute ground coffee
6. Tare scale & start timer
7. Wet coffee evenly w/ 70g water
8. At 0:45, slowly pour 250g water
9. Brew should finish at 3:00
10. Serve over ice.

♥ Enjoy!

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